Call for Papers

Download the Call for Papers in PDF

ICET 2012 will be organized into four tracks, with the list of technical areas in each track given below. Other research areas that fall within the four tracks are also welcomed. Proposals for workshops and special sessions on new topics or innovative applications are invited.

Track 1: Information Engineering and Technology
Track Chair: Tallal Osama El-Shabrawy
• Green ICT Networks
• Cloud-Grid and Internet Computing
• Resource Management in Cloud Computing
• Energy Efficient Routing and Medium Access with Wireless Sensor Networks
• Indoor Localization and Tracking Algorithms
• Automatic Process Control using Wireless Sensor Networks
• Smart Home Automation Systems
• 3G/LTE Mobile Networks Applications
• Artificial Intelligence

Track 2: Electrical Engineering and Technology
Track Chair: Abdelmegid Allam
• Communication Systems and Applications
• Ultra-Wideband Communications
• Signal Processing and Applications
• Cognitive Radio Communications
• Communication Networks and Applications
• Network Operations and Management
• Fourth Generation Wireless
• Wireless Optical Communications
• Renewable/Sustainable Energy and Smart Grids
• System on Chip, Embedded Systems and VLSI Design

Track 3: Mechanical Engineering and Technology
Track Chair: Elsayed Imam Morgan
• Robotics and Automation
• Mechatronics Systems
• Sensor Technologies
• Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
• Fluids & Thermal Systems
• Dynamic Systems and Control
• Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations
• Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
• Microsystems Integration
• Cooperative Intelligent Systems
• Advances for Process Industries

Track 4: Materials Science and Engineering
Track Chair: Nahed El-Mahallawy
• Materials characterization, modeling and performance
• Destructive and non-destructive testing, Microstructural characterization, Failure analysis
• Materials processing and product manufacturing
• Materials Applications/ energy/ biomedical / high temperature
• Materials-Environment interactions and protection
• New materials for structural and functional applications, innovative composites, functionally graded materials
• Materials recycling and other related topics