Plenary Talk: Taming Complexity – Approach to Design Driven Technology

Keynote Speaker:Anne Krefting Fellow Fraunhofer Service Factory Nuremberg, Germany
Description: Products from existing technologies undergo radical transformation in meaning: these are design-driven. Design-driven innovations do not come from the market or push new technologies, they push new meanings.
As the world is complex our tools need to match that complexity. Advanced technology explores the complex interaction between human thought and the technology it creates, and addresses the development of machines that fit our minds, rather than minds that must conform to the machine.
Understanding design as an iterative process of concepting and a strategy to create the interactions of the future, my paper exemplifies theory and practices of products and concepts, that were a revolution in meaning, not technology, arguing that when smart technology and brilliant design meet the right business model they will provide more innovative, thoughtful, and useful products and services, that tame complexity with good design.

 About the Speaker:
Anne Krefting, Design Theory, holds a PhD in esthetic & communication from Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Fellow Fraunhofer Service Factory Nuremberg
Recent articles and papers:
Encounters in Tourismscapes. Service Design Research in Luxor (2012), The Smell of Myth – Homer as a Performative Medium in Design Research (2012), Nasal Nostalgia – Performativity in Smell Design Research (2011), Loss of control – A Shaping Competency for Performativity in Design Research? (2011), Smell & Narration – Objects as a Performative Structure (2011), Are Objects Stupid? Dynamic Mapping as a Method of Urban Research (2010), Environmenting. Aspects of Creativity, Innovation and Organization of Uncertainty (2010), Scaping. An Experimental Method of Sound-Image-Interaction Analysis in Urban Design Research (2009), Design-Crafts-Cluster (2010), Co-Creative Method Development (2009)
Current projects:
Smell Learning (coop. Fraunhofer Institute Freising), Service Design Tourism (coop. Fraunhofer Service Factory Nuremberg), Emerging Markets (coop. Fraunhofer Institute Berlin), Data Base Desert Knowledge (DAAD)