Special Session-3: Advanced Aluminum Alloys for Engineering Applications

Aluminum alloys show great promise for several fields of application including transportation, automotive, aerospace and defence industries. The continuous and steady growth of aluminum alloys usage for industrial applications is directly related to the need for taking advantage of such specific assets as a high strength-to-weight ratio to enhance mechanical performance and to lessen energy consumption. The reduction in fuel consumption is considered to be not only a decisive economical factor but also a significant environmental advantage obtainable by decreasing the production of exhaust gases. These alloys offer advantageous safety features whereby the ability of aluminum to absorb the energy of impact in case of accident is twice that of steel for the same weight.

This session will focus on presenting recent research work related to advanced aluminum alloys, recent developments, mechanical properties and potential applications. The session topics will include, but are not limited to:

- Recent developments in cast and wrought aluminum alloys:

  • new alloys development,
  • melt treatment,
  • new heat treatment technologies,
  • mechanical properties,
  • commercial applications.

- Aluminum metal matrix composite:

  • production techniques,
  • mechanical properties,
  • micro/nanostructural features and constituents characterization,
  • industrial applications.

- Nanocrystalline aluminum alloys:

  • production techniques,
  • mechanical properties,
  • micro/nanostructural features and constituents characterization,
  • potential applications.

Hany Ammar, PhD.

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