Call for Papers


ICET 2014 will be organized as two main tracks: Electrical & Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. There is a poster session organized to target young researchers.

Track 1: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chairs:  Prof. Abdelmeguid Allam, Prof. Ahmed El-Mahdy and Prof. Ayman Elnaggar 

  • Cloud and Green ICT
  • Communication Systems and Applications
  • Antennas, Propagation, RF, Microwave and Millimeter technology.
  • Modern optoelectronics and sensor technologies
  • Electronics Circuit and system Design
  • FPGA Architectures and applications
  • Advances in Smart Grids
  • Audio, Acoustic and Speech processing
  • Video Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computational Intelligence

Track 2: Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Chairs: Prof. Ahmed AbdelAziz and Prof. Ayman Badawy 

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing and Applications
  • Composite and Hybrid Materials
  • Engineering Polymers and advanced materials
  • Surface Engineering and Environmental Effects
  • Modeling and simulation of loaded materials
  • Non-Conventional manufacturing Processes
  • Mechanical design and analysis
  • System Dynamics and Control
  • Mechatronic Systems
  • Renewable Energy and Thermo-Fluid Systems